Friday, February 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday - 2/27/09

1. I did it! This blog is raw. I lack photos, background info, and 2 years of previous posts to which I could insert self-referential links. Banishing fear is in the action taken, so I count this a grand success in my fight against perfectionism!

2. I love: when Waverley offers her affirmatives as a string of enthusiastic responses: "Yeah! Sure! I'd love that!" Each in a higher, tinier, more excited voice than the one before.

3. Speaking of excited voices: the jubilant squealing of happy preschoolers is precious, but not at all conducive to reading, much less mediating upon, today's Lenten scripture. (My calendar lists Isaiah 58: 1-8.) So I'll have to try again later.

4. And quiet voices: Tigaloo has been sleeping through the night. Already at 10 weeks. Life is good.

5. All her sleeping, in combination with the improving weather, means it will soon be time to resume daily walks to morning Mass!

6. Favorite part of writing up 2 weeks worth of menus? "Meatless Friday." Simple. No planning required. Works great all year round.

7. How long can I work on this post before it ceases to be 7 Quick Takes?


Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Congratulations on starting a blog! Thanks for participating in 7QT. :)

Mrs. C. said...

Thanks for leaving the first comment! And thanks for hosting 7 Quick Takes.