Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday -- 3/13/09 -- What a Weekend! Edition

1. Traveling with 3 under 5 on the "Spring forward" time change weekend? Foolish! Fortunately, everyone woke up in time and in a pleasant demeanor on Sunday morning, and we arrived at 8:30 Mass just as Father was giving his opening announcements.

2. Despite the folly of our scheduling the visit, we had a fantastic time with my in-laws. The travel was easy, hospitality generous, company warm, and weather delightful. Wallaby and Waverley enjoyed the run of the farm all of Saturday afternoon. Sunshine, wind, and small children freely running. It's their little slice of heaven on earth.

3. We also enjoyed some delicious food. In addition to homemade fried chicken, I ate the best yellow cake I've ever put in my mouth. The trick? Add a tub of sour cream and a package of instant vanilla pudding to a yellow cake mix.

4. Waffles. Wallaby and Waverley had never eaten waffles, so Sunday after Mass, Grandpa treated us to breakfast out, and we all ate waffles. Now I know that two tiny kids can devour a waffle in 2 minutes flat. If they ate all their meals that quickly, they could free up 7 more hours a week.

In praise of waffles:
Wallaby: "How come we can't stay at Grandpa's house?"
Me: "Because we have to live here at our house."
W: "Can we move this house by Grandpa?"
M: "It is possible to move a house, but Daddy and I aren't going to do that."
W: "Can we build a house by Grandpa?"
M: "You'd have to ask Grandpa, 'Can we build a house in your yard?'"
W: "No, I don't want to build a house in Grandpa's yard. I think build it a little closer to that waffle place."

5. Our garden seeds arrived Monday! The seed company, Baker Creek, included 2 free seeds packets: a lettuce and a parsnip. Mr. C. worked up a seed bed for the early plants, and on Monday evening we set out carrots, parsnips, beets, cilantro, silverbeet, and lettuce. Monday evening we started all the indoor seedlings: tomatoes, peppers, basil, and amaranth. The Love-Lies-Bleeding amaranth has sprouted already, but there's no sign of life from anything else, yet.

6. When we came home from our trip, I remembered that Tigaloo was scheduled for her first round of fever-inducing vaccinations on Wednesday morning. Surely enough, by Wednesday afternoon, she was running a fever and acting sluggish. Her fever spiked up Wednesday night, and yesterday was more of the same. I get scared when my babies run fevers. Fortunately, her fever broke last night.

7. A big "Thank you" to everyone who offered prayers for me last week! Last Friday's event went as well as could be expected. I look forward to the day when the conflict we are involved in can be resolved peaceably. Until then, there is little to do but pray. And that is no small thing.

Here's to a great weekend!

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Kaycee said...

I'm with Wallaby, I would relocate for good waffles too.

It sounds like you had a great week.

Mrs. C. said...


It was a great week! I hope to get another post or two up before Monday (and before I forget everything that happened this past week.) :)

Thanks for stopping by again!