Friday, March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday -- 3/6/09

1. I did make it to a daily Mass! Picture this: me, my dear friend Somh, and our collective 5 children 4 and under: Wallaby (4), Waverley (2), Sunshine (1), Tigaloo (12 weeks), and Due-Soon (still gestating.) Thursday during Lent is the perfect day for this endeavor, as a sparse service is shorter than one with lots of singing.

2. Waverley tried to escape during Mass, and ran straight for the door squealing at top volume. Does that surprise anyone? It did me, as I've never had one of my kids try something like that. I think she was testing Somh's authority, as I was holding Tigaloo and couldn't really chase her.

3. Regarding the garden: Mr. C. had the brilliant idea of attempting to sprout some of the dried beans from our pantry. That was last Sunday, and so far, we have 3 of 18 beans sprouting! So next we'll try to move the sprouts to dirt here in the house, and go from there.

4. On a serious note: Mr. C. and I are working through an unresolved relational conflict with some other family members, and today we (and kids) will be unavoidably close to these folks at a social event. I would appreciate any prayers for a peaceful day that anyone would offer on our behalf. This feels like jumping headfirst into the lion's den.

5. And some fun stuff: Tomorrow we are going to stay with the in-laws for the weekend. I'm really excited to have a change of scenery more than 10 minutes from my house! This will be the first time since Tigaloo's birth that I've traveled. (And I know we'll get to enjoy the treat of homemade fried chicken while we're there.)

6. This trip will be a good test of the Tigaloo-sleeping-through-the-night system. Will it endure through long hours of driving and sleeping in a different bed in a different house?

7. Just finished reading America Alone by Mark Steyn. Wow. Now I see why his writing is considered "polarizing." Although, that doesn't bother me at all, probably because I tend to be a black-and-white thinker. For anyone interested in the global demography crisis, this is a must read.

Jennifer: I'll do my best to add a link back next week, as I still haven't looked at how.

Have a great weekend!


Kaycee said...

Hi, I'm just stopping in from Conversion Diary.

My 18 month old runs every time we set him down. He's getting so fast that I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to catch him.

Mrs. C. said...


Sounds like you get plenty of exercise chasing your little one! In my case, I think Waverley's really challenging her limits as much as anything else right now.
Do you have any certain diversions for your little one that would be appropriate for a church setting? (I'm looking for any suggestions!)
Thanks for stopping by!