Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a Weekend! -- My Little Town Edition

As always, the weekend was here and gone in a blink.

I ran errands alone first thing on Saturday morning. I quite enjoy this "adult" time. We live in a very small community, so a morning's worth of errands provides a good opportunity to visit and catch up with neighbors and acquaintances while getting work done. My "to-do" list had about eight items, and I finished them all an hour!

Mr. C. took Wallaby to the local John Deere supply to pick up a lawnmower part. That was an errand planned just for them. What little boy wouldn't want to visit the tractor store with Daddy?

Waverley and I walked to the post office and library. Drop off mail, return books. Stop at the corner market on the way home for lunch provisions.

We live only two blocks from a little corner market with a nice deli. A market that: is closed all day on Sundays; that will run a credit tab for you, if you make arrangements; that runs a raffle each week for fifty dollars worth of store credit. I absolutely love living in this little town founded long ago by thrifty and fervent Catholics. When I look out the kitchen window and over the neighbor's roof, I can see the steeple of my home church and the gold cross gleaming at the top. From the living room, I can see the parish church where I grew up, and the parochial school I attended for a time. City hall is in view from my yard, and we can watch the trains go by on the nearby track. When the weather is nice, we can hear the tinkly chiming of glass soda bottles being refilled at the bottling plant, where the work is done with the doors open most of the time.

And always time, its flowing marked by the deep ring of the church bell each quarter hour, and the Angelus bell at twelve and six.

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