Friday, March 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday -- 3/20/09

1. Tigaloo slept for 11 hours last night! All the uninterrupted sleep was so worth the pain of waking up with too much milk this morning.

2. A young man has asked me out on a date -- and I've accepted! Yesterday at lunch, Wallaby asked, in all seriousness, if he and I could go on a date and leave Mr. C., Waverley, and Tigaloo at home. So in the near future, I'll have the pleasure of a dinner out with my darling son. (Make no mistake: Wallaby likes to eat for the sake of eating, and he likes to eat at restaurants. We try to keep this a rare treat, so I wasn't surprised when he requested dinner at a restaurant over any other activity.)

3. I started this blog somewhat impulsively at the beginning of Lent, and it still shows. I had no idea how hectic life would become in these last few weeks. I'm still defining my objectives here, still looking for the perfect language with which to frame this journey. Once we get the garden completely planted and more of the work around the yard (and house) caught up, I'm hoping to spend some time spiffing up this site. For all who are kindly bearing with me: Thank you! Also, comments are very welcome.

4. Yesterday was the Feast of St. Joseph. I hope everyone enjoyed a blessed and peaceful day under his loving patronage, especially all husbands and fathers, and those families buying and selling homes during this economic downturn.

5. At Mass last Sunday, instead of ringing bells during the words of institution, the acolytes. . . shook. . . "clackers." Does this happen in anyone else's parish? I've never experienced this before, and I was. . . distracted, at the very least. These "clackers" are unwieldy wooden objects the size of a football, roughly, with a handle and clapper. Can anyone clear this up for me?

6. We've got lettuce! Tiny lettuces are growing in my garden! No sign of life from the carrots, yet, but the lettuce is growing beautifully.

7. I want to be perfectly clear about the digging I mentioned in my previous post. The only lifting I've done lately is hoisting Tigaloo to my breast for hours and hours of nursing. (Admittedly, that's getting to be quite a task, as she's gaining 8 ounces each week.) I've done some walking since she was born, but no real, hard work or workouts. I just don't want to give the false impression that performing heavy labor is just all in a day's work for me. I'd like to reach that point eventually. (Would that be the point of "Warrior-Fit?") Take heart, all couch potatoes: if I can dig, anyone can!

Happy weekend!

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Lerin said...

I stopped over from Jen's links, and am glad I did!

I am 30 weeks along with baby four, and all your talk of nursing has got me looking forward to breastfeeding again. :)

I think it is SO cute that your son asked you on a date. He must really want that alone time with Mommy. :)

Nice to meet you. I'll definitely be back for more.

Kaycee said...

11 hours is awesome. I still remember the sleepless nights, I'm sure you felt great.

I'll be doing some digging of my own this weekend, that's how I've justified skipping my work out all week =)

Mrs. C. said...

I hope the remainder of your pregnancy is healthy and peaceful, although I'm sure your other three keep you busy! :)
Thanks so much for stopping by!

I'm with you: a little digging must be worth about a week's worth of working out. Enjoy!